Every camera needs a BOOST!

From the smallest DSLR camera, to the largest DV Camera, what these camera lack is the infrastructure to accessorize the rig. There are rod mounts, cages, follow focus and matte boxes, but none are fully integrated into one system. Even the large professional Hollywood production rigs are individual parts and bits cobbled together for the camera package.

No longer! The BOOST takes the key elements of a cage, follow focus and matte box and fully integrates them into one system.

Cage, rods, follow focus, matte box, all in one system that can accommodate the smallest to largest cameras! No longer do you have to go to many sources and sites to order all the individual components, and then hope that they all fit together. The BOOST does it all for you.

To integrate this, indiSYSTEM has made some design breakthroughs. First, why do you attach the matte box to the same rods that your follow focus is on? For maximum flexibility they need to be at different heights. The BOOST has 15mm carbon fiber rods for the follow focus, but the matte box is on its own separate rod system. The matte box rods are completely independent of the carbon fiber rods for the follow focus. You can adjust the matte box rods to any length needed to accommodate short or long length lenses. Mounting the matte box on their own separate rods allows quick lens changes without the added cumbersome “swing out” attachments in use currently.

The camera mounting plate is inside the cage, but can be adjusted fore and aft to accommodate any sized camera. There are three mounting plates that can be adjusted front or back to make accessory mounting a breeze.

Underneath the BOOST’s cage are multiple threaded holes for attaching fluid head quick release plates.

Finally, a modified version of indiSYSTEM’s award winning follow focus is included. And of course it comes with a full set of SNAP! gears, the ingenious two part magnetic gears that fit any sized lenses.

Two versions of the BOOST are available: the BOOST and BOOST XL.

Both have the same cage with sliding mounting plates, 12” carbon fiber rods, quick release plate, indiFOCUSboost and full set SNAP! gears.

The BOOST XL has a matte box with 2 rotating 4×4 filters and side flags.

The Boost has a matte box without filter trays. (Note: if you are using thread on filters, or no filters at all, the BOOST matte box was designed for your camera.)

  • Fully loaded BOOST
(shown with optional accessories)
  • Fully rigged on location.