About Us

I was working on a short the summer of 2005, when I told my wife I needed to get a follow focus. She asked what is a follow focus? I tried to explain to someone not in the business what is a follow focus. She asked how much. I replied, “$1200 for a used one on ebay.” Her response, you’re a smart guy, make your own. Intrigued, I started to develop some concepts. Then I posted on a forum, “Anyone Interested in a $299 Follow Focus”, the response was immediate and overwhelming. I sold my first unit in September of 2005, and from there we’ve been growing every sense.

This business has changed. Back in ’05 Depth of Field adapters were .pdf plans that you purchased for $50 and made yourself. Rail systems were non-existent or way outside the budget of any independent film maker. DSLR’s were years in the future, and 35mm film still ruled.
Our philosophy then was one of build a durable product, price it affordably, and make it here in the United States. That philosophy hasn’t changed.

So if you’re tired of camera accessories that cost you more than your camera, $50 replacement nuts and bolts, promised equipment that is never available, or hyped up poorly manufactured products, you are at the right place.

indiSYSTEM , where the gear doesn’t cost more than the camera!

Tim Ovel

Founder, indiSYSTEM